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Disclaimer – I’m not a doctor – I don’t even play one on TV

So please consult your doctor before changing anything, especially if you’re on Big Pharm meds. I am not a health advocate. I may seem like one but reality is, doctors and meds failed me, repeatedly, over the last 36 years with N and the ways I have found to go beyond coping were a last resort for me. I tried to do it the way others do and it did not work. I am not encouraging anyone to give up their meds or their doctor. I am very thrilled to hear people have success with their doc and their meds but I’m also comfortable, finally, with the fact that I had to go a different route.

I’ve always been a troublemaker, it’s just the trouble I make has become more innocent. Now my “trouble” is finding ways to stay motivated to keep functioning and minimize all my symptoms. Chronic and autoimmune issues are a bit like a buffet style restaurant – you got your main dish and a bunch of little side dishes that go with it. Most folks have several things on their “plate,” so what works for one may not work for another.

If you decide to try any tips in this blog, know it can take a month to discover if a food change made a difference, and even longer sometimes for physical or mental changes, so don’t stop short unless you’re going backwards. Know yourself, that’s the key.

I’m just a person. No fancy degrees, I slept through college, thanks narcolepsy, ya jerk. Everything I know I’ve learned from being led down a path and following it. Keep what works, let go of what doesn’t.

I’ve been dealing with Narcolepsy, Cataplexy, Nocturnal Myoclonus and Restless Leg Syndrome for 36 years; Fibromyalgia and Myofascial Pain Syndrome for 23 years and symptoms of Sjogren’s Syndrome and POTS for 5 years. I survived being ridiculed as a child from the age of 7 through 13, abuse, abandonment, emotional neglect, etc.; essentially all the things that are valid reasons to just be a nasty curmudgeon but, I choose otherwise. This site is an all encompassing look at how I manage to keep going beyond coping.

I’ve helped a lot of people over the years with their perspective. How you perceive the way your life is going affects everything you think, say and do. Positivity has been scientifically shown to give narcoleptics more wakefulness. Being more positive, more happy, helps you have a good perception and, if you have narcolepsy, can give you more wakefulness. The blog has posts about emotions, happiness, perspective, recipes, helpful life tips and even a store with products that make my life easier. You can go through them in order, or choose Tags or Topics of interest to you.

With all my health issues I’m only able to work part time, so I’ve creating an Amazon Affiliate store on the Recommended Products page, showcasing the things that help me function. By utilizing my Amazon links to do your regular shopping on Amazon, it helps me keep this site going and you don’t pay any more than you would going direct.

All my best,   Dawn

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