Narcolepsy – going beyond coping with cataplexy

One of my cataplexy triggers is irrational situations. After meds failed I had to dig deeper into it in my own head. Seeing things from a different perspective doesn’t eliminate my cataplexy but it does give me the ability to help control my emotions by hearing past the person’s words to their true intentions, which keeps me off the floor. Cutting toxic people helps too. I haven’t been on the floor in well over a year.

If people are irrational, they’re playing with you. If their behavior is so whack that everyone else you talk to about the behavior is shocked, disgusted or confused, they’re playing with you.
Do not try to argue with an irrational person. See past their game and just refuse to play. You will never be able to use logic to convince someone they’re being irrational in this type situation because they know. They’re doing it on purpose. Cut bait.
This is especially difficult if the person is family, a co-worker or just someone you’re stuck seeing all the time but it is possible. What works for me is understanding. Not understanding why they’re doing it, who can keep track of all the flavors of crazy in this world, but understanding that they’re doing it. Understanding that what they’re doing is just nuts. Don’t play with their nuts 😉 lol.
Keep it real people. As real as you can. It’s tough to be you, that’s why you were the person entrusted with the job. Rock it.
Happy matters people. Go and get it.

“OMG! They said what???” Pool face.

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