Adapting – You had it all along Dorothy

You had it in you all along

Often at the end of a quest the hero discovers that they had what they needed all along. The only reason why they eventually discover it is because they keep trying, they don’t quit. In reality, we conquer new quests all the time. We learn new things, make mistakes, have realizations, discover that we really already knew what we needed to know…but, maybe we shushed it a bit, uncertain and now it’s smacked us in the head and there’s no denying what we already knew, that we had what we needed inside us the whole time, we just needed the right conditions to bring it out.

Go within. What’s cooking in there? What are you giving your precious awake moments to? Why are you choosing those thoughts? Do they serve you? Or seek to defeat you? This is why we are warriors, because we not only have to battle our conditions,  we also have to battle thoughts that seek to make the former even more challenging. Think good thoughts!

Celebrate life. Life is not in the pursuit for things to buy, it’s in the little moments when we realize why we are, who we are and what we represent. Represent!

Happy whatever day it is, too early to think about dates and what do they really matter anyway ;-).

Be happy. Happy matters.

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