There is a ton of free help on this website, on my Positively Narcolepsy page on Facebook and in the Positively Narcolepsy Facebook Group, and on my YouTube channel.

Below I break down some specific issues and answers.

Still need more? I’m not a mental health professional, or a doctor, or even a psychic lol but I have been living with chronic illness over 37 years, raised a family, held a job, been on and off meds and found several ways of tweaking my life to accommodate my symptoms. Many people have said talking to me helped them take their coping to a new level. I can’t proclaim that speaking with me will help you, but if my writing and my videos resonate for you, it likely will.┬áIf you need more one-on-one conversation, catered to helping you cope with your specific situations/life; I do offer phone/video calls for one-on-one for a fee. Details below the free help.

Do you feel like you never have enough time to get anything done? Watch this:

Do you feel like you constantly have to tell people how you’re doing or they won’t have proper empathy for you? Watch this:

Do you feel lonely all the time? Even when people are around? Watch this:

Do you lay in bed at night with thoughts taking over your brain and keeping you from sleeping? Are you your own biggest critic? Watch this (it’s long, bookmark it and watch in spurts if need be)

Do you feel that things in the past are keeping you from moving forward? Watch this:

Do you keep trying to be a “normie” and end up over-doing it over and over again? Watch this:

Are you having problems with nightmares, night terrors or hallucinations? Read this:

Giving up my fear of death – Going Beyond Coping with narcolepsy

Are you having trouble coping with Fibromyalgia and/or other chronic pain? Read this:

11 Tips for coping with Fibromyalgia

Are you having trouble keeping up with a food plan that benefits your symptoms? Read this:

11 tips for staying on an elimination type diet

Do you have trouble coping with irrational anger and take it out on others? Read this:

Going Beyond Coping – anger – wet blanket syndrome


If you need help adjusting your perspective, finding more headspace for coping or just want to talk to someone who’s been through the ringer and made it out the other side, I offer phone/video calls for a fee. References available on request. Note: I am not a doctor or a mental health professional. I charge for the calls because talking on the phone taxes my symptoms and I do not have a lot of free time, therefore my time is valuable; as is yours, so I will not waste either.

One on one Phone/Video call packages:

$100 Package:

  • 15 minute introductory call/ video call, to discuss your situation and your goals. You will fill out a questionnaire ahead of time to maximize our time together. If after the first call you are not interested in continuing, I will REFUND $80 of your purchase price.
  • 30 minute call/ video call to explore some ideas of how you can achieve your goals.
  • 30 minute call/ video call to follow up on things you’ve implemented, discuss any challenges you’re experiencing and any questions you might have.

You can take all 3 calls at once or spread them out any way you see fit. I would recommend spreading the 2nd and 3rd call/ video call by at least a week.

$50 Auxiliary calls:

  • 30 minute free-form call. Ideal for follow ups, to discuss specific situations, for motivation and encouragement.

Click here to download the GoingBeyondCoping Questionnaire in Word

Want to learn more? Have a question? Just want to drop me a note?

Please use the Contact Form below.

I run this in my spare time for now, so I’m not able to respond to every message. Thank you for understanding. If you are interested in one-on-one sessions and I have not responded to your email, please comment on any of the blog posts on this site and I will see it.

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