Dose of Positivity for people with chronic illness

As more and more people make their way off Facebook and other social media platforms, I was inspired to create an email list positivity newsletter of sorts to send out positive messages. Do you need more positivity? Something to cling to to help you get through it all?

Be it stories, quotes, a personal message of encouragement, chronic illness musings, or a songs that moved me, or helped me cope somehow, I’ll send them out as I’m able to. Read them as you get them or save them up. Unsubscribe easily any time.

I’m not going to be publishing this newsletter on the blog, you can  sign up here to be added to the list: Dose of Positivity Sign Up Form

Why sign up? Because… Happy Matters!

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Dawn Super

I have a multitude of disabling disorders and this site is about how I'm going beyond coping into thriving and loving my life.

2 Responses

  1. Ms. Health-Esteem says:

    This is such a lovely idea! As a chronic illness warrior, I’ve certainly found myself in need of inspiration and uplifting content in the past. We all have our hard days. I think your e-mail list will help a ton of people ♡. So lovely of you!

  2. Mama Doc says:

    Great idea! I think this would be amazing not just for those chronically ill, but also for healthy people!

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