Dry mouth – Sjögren’s, med side effects

Did you know garlic is a natural antibiotic? I don’t mean like in an, I have a horrible infection I’m going to rely solely on garlic, kind of way. I mean in a, give your body good stuff to keep it tuned up, kind of way.

Having symptoms of Sjögren’s syndrome, my mouth is like the desert and I’m left with a heavy biofilm, and more susceptible to an abundance of candida.

It’s not just sjögies that have dry mouth, a lot of people suffer from it, especially as a side effect of prescription meds. Of which, according to the radio, half of all Americans take daily, some more than one.

An abundance of candida is an open door to feeling like crap-o-la.

There’s an easy Candida Self Test you can do at home to see if you’re abundant.

Simple test

If you’re super sleepy in the morning, leave a glass of water on your nightstand before you go to sleep. Otherwise, when you first wake up, before water – meds – anything, work up some saliva and spit into the glass of water (see diagram). After a minute or so, see what it looks like. If you’ve got stringy legs, or the water looks cloudy, or you have a ‘pile’ on the bottom, you have too much candida in your mouth. Healthy saliva just floats on the top. And, fun fact, ever since my Xyrem/Big Pharm fiasco, where they found an abundance of pseudomonas in my saliva, whenever I spit on plastic – my saliva dries to crystals. Fun wow.



I was abundant (and grossed out). So I added raw, yes raw I know it’s scary AF lol… raw garlic juice to my daily turmeric root juice. Just that little bit keeps the Candida and my biofilm down. Winning :). It tastes disgusting, truly. But, I figure I slammed shots of Jaegermeister in the 90s to have a good time, I can slam turmeric shots to keep from dying in pain every day and add a little garlic so I can keep my teeth longer. Yes, Sjögrens can steal your teeth.

It’s cold/flu season still. I put 6 bulbs, yes bulbs, of garlic in my bone broth. Haven’t had so much as a sniffle,  although once I did give myself heartburn ;). When you live your life exhausted from narcolepsy and frequently raw from fibro, not having to deal with a cold / flu also is a huge blessing.

Get them nutrients people. And garlic. ❤️

I get so many great faces from garlic ❤️.


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