Going beyond coping – find the joy


Who knows how long we’ve got on this spinning rock. Going beyond simply coping into actually thriving takes a very strong mind but it all starts with a decision. You have to decide that you want to live a life that focuses on what is good and what is right, despite the fact that there may be much more bad and much more wrong. Like sprinkles on a cup cake, mnm’s in trail mix, sometimes the sweet moments are small or far between. Marveling at lights or the boom of the fireworks – brief joys (unless loud noises are your C trigger of course), go on happy you got to hear the boom – not complaining how long it took to get to it and how short it was. Focus on the boom because one day it will be your finale and then it’s too late to let yourself find joy over something as simple as fireworks ❤.
Bits of happy are everywhere. The hug of a child, the wag of a dogs tail, coffee…lol.
Happy matters. Go and get it. ❤

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Dawn Super

I have a multitude of disabling disorders and this site is about how I'm going beyond coping into thriving and loving my life.

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