Going beyond coping – how can you be happy?

Yawning ginger ❤. I love finding faces in things. It brings me little happies, helps me keep going. Makes me smile from the inside.

People sometimes ask me how I can be so happy and have so many things wrong with me, the answer is just – I let myself be happy.

The thing that allows you to smile through pain and sorrow is just you, giving yourself permission to smile through pain and sorrow.

It’s just you realizing that even though you hurt or things are messed up, you can still smile about things – inside and out. Because whether things are good or you’re stuck in the suck, you’re still you. Still breathing.

You know that moment when you’re sobbing and your friend makes a joke and then suddenly you’re laughing through your tears? It’s like that. The suck is still there, but so is the happy <3.
<3 happy matters





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I have a multitude of disabling disorders and this site is about how I'm going beyond coping into thriving and loving my life.

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