I love

I Love…

A friend of mine asked me what stokes my spirit and keeps me so happy. I told him five years ago, when I put “I <3” on my cover photo, I just decided that I was going to love everything there was to love and find something worth loving in everything.

At the point I posted the picture, my life to that point was a portrait of neglect, abuse and betrayal… and I was one of those “will I ever be loved?” people.  Sure, I smiled on the outside but on the inside I was confused and lonely. So, I decided to give away as much love as I could, under the premise that ‘you get back what you give.’

Someone gave me hope, then someone else, then another and now I have a whole group of people who I feel truly love me as a person, friend, etc. I take none of it for granted and I’m grateful every day because it led me to my wonderful husband and now I really know what romantic love is too :).

Give it away, give it away, give it away now <3.

Be happy.

Happy matters.

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I have a multitude of disabling disorders and this site is about how I'm going beyond coping into thriving and loving my life.

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