Product Review – Dirty Mouth Toothpowder

If you’re concerned about using fluoride, looking to maintain the health of your teeth, along with a bonus of whitening, check out Dirty Mouth Toothpowder!

2 updates to this post have been added at the end.

My biggest concern about having symptoms of Sjögren’s Syndrome, is losing my teeth. Years ago, as soon as I started having some success from the suggestions that came out of a Sjögren’s Alternative Therapies group, like Autoimmune Paleo diet, turmeric root juice, I didn’t want to use fluoride so I stopped using toothpaste. Whatever you may think about the safety of fluoride, I’d just rather not.

I tried Dr Bonners soap daily and baking soda/peroxide some times. They helped . In combination with diligent flossing/scraping with my magnifying mirror and tools, my teeth are in such good shape that my dentist said in March that I have no signs of dry mouth damage. Woo hoo! But, I still am getting cavities due to ‘my teeth not forming properly resulting in enamel weakness near the gumline.’ Sigh. Just dropped another $160 on one tooth with a 3 surface filling. Ouch.

Someone in that group liked a post from a company called Primal Organics. The person is my Facebook friend, so it showed up in my feed. Primal Organics was offering a free month on their Dirty Mouth Toothpowder and all I saw was gimmick lol. I’m so skeptical of “deals.” That said, their video was very compelling, so I decided I wanted to know more.

Skipping the free month, primarily because I didn’t want to give their website my personal information, I decided to look it up on Amazon. After reading all of the incredible rave reviews about this stuff, I bought some. It was expensive, $12.97 for a tiny little jar of powder. I figured, Amazon has such a great return policy if it turns out to be crap I can just return it.

I had taken a photo of my teeth in April, because I wanted to see how white I was able to get them with baking soda and peroxide. Then, we had to move (Zzzzzzzzz) so I never got a chance to do any of the treatments on my teeth.

Last week I was at the dentist for my filling, that I noticed I needed thanks to my magnifying mirror. I asked him about a tooth I have, with a white filling, that’s got a dark ring around the border of the filling, “Does that mean it’s rotting?” No, he assured me, it’s just dirty and very normal for that to happen. I also asked him about my front teeth where my TMJ and bruxism are grinding down my front bottom teeth, the centers of which were pretty dark brown. “Is there anything I can do about these stains?” He told me no, not really. The tooth is very porous there so it soaks up all the coffee I drink, etc. I put it out of my head because if I can’t do anything about it, I’m not going to stress about it.

I got this dirty mouth tooth powder five days ago. Here’s a picture from eight days ago:

Yellow teeth

This was taken June 6, 2017 after my son’s elementary school graduation.

Notice my teeth compared to the white of the dress I’m wearing.

Excusing the silly donkeyish appearance of this photo below, here is my teeth today after only five days of using the stuff. Incredible:

Clean mouth

Just five days of using Dirty Mouth Toothpowder (not even the whitening one)

The tooth on the left, in the red circle, is the one that had a black ring around the filling eight days ago. My two front teeth in the other red circle are still stained more than I’d like them to be but nowhere near as dark as they were before I started. Looking forward to seeing if it helps even more as I continue to use it. Yes, I know I should replace my silver fillings…

This is how small it is:

Toothpaste Alternative

Spearmint flavored Dirty Mouth Toothpowder. Tiny but mighty.

And the ingredients from the back, I didn’t see those listed on Amazon.

Toothpowder ingredients

Dirty Mouth Toothpowder, Spearmint flavor, ingredients

I didn’t even buy the special version for whitening. And I’ve hardly made a dent in the powder. Only used a tiny bit. I’m hopeful it will help preserve my teeth. With results like I’ve already had, I’m down with paying $13 a month to avoid a $160 and a shot in the face, Sorry Dr. S. Also, the filling was painless but that Novocaine shot site hurt for days. If I can avoid that… bonus ;).

If you’re interested in trying Dirty Mouth Toothpowder for yourself, you can click the link below to check it out on Amazon. Using this link to purchase anything from Amazon will not cost you any more than going direct and you’ll be helping me keep my site going.

I have never had contact with anyone who makes this product, I bought it with my own money and no one asked me to do this review. I’m just so OMG over the whole thing. I’m looking forward to seeing what my teeth look like next week.

UPDATE: July 25, 2017 – it’s been a little over a month with the toothpowder and I’m still happy with it. I can’t say my teeth are still as white as they are in the photo above but, I’ve been flaring and not nearly as diligent as I could be. Worth noting, hubby decided to buy some on Amazon and accidentally got the Orange flavored one. It did not work anywhere near the same in terms of whitening my teeth. I switched back to the Spearmint. It’s a little challenging with low saliva flow because the stuff does get on your tongue but a good rinse and a tongue brushing helps. Overall, I’m going to continue using it.

UPDATE: January 28, 2018 – still using this toothpowder. They changed the formula to Sweet Spearmint by adding monk fruit. It tastes better, still works as good. The hole in my back tooth has gotten much smaller. The best thing about this is that my jaw has been seized up by TMJ since August. I should have been in to see the dentist by now. I have not been able to open my mouth all the way for five months now, flossing has been sporadic and I haven’t been able to do any scraping and I am not being overrun by plaque or tartar or stains. I try to get to 3 times a day to maintain my whitening but often only do 2, so my teeth aren’t as white but I’m too tired to care and the reduction of the biofilm is more important to me than whiteness…

PRODUCT – Dirty Mouth Toothpowder, spearmint flavor on Amazon:

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If you are just trying it you can get the small one but if you’re using it regularly the big one is a better value. Lasts me over a month. By using this link below to buy this product or anything on Amazon, I will get a small commission and you will be helping to support this site. Feel free to bookmark the link and use it every time you shop.

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