Dr. Plotka’s is a great toothbrush, especially for Sjogrens or dry mouth sufferers


Dr Plotka’s mouthwatchers. I was in a booth next to these folks at the Natural Products Expo in Los Angeles. They offered me a deal on a 4-pack so I took it. Gave one to each person in my house.

Because I have no saliva flow from Sjogren’s Syndrome, my mouth gets really dry and keeping it clean and free of bacteria/stains/tartar/etc can be a real challenge because saliva helps clean your teeth. (Side note: saliva also helps pre-digest your food, so if you’ve got dry mouth – chew your food longer than you normally do – this improved my post-eating stomach issues)

I do a one-two punch with my toothbrushes. The Plotka’s gets into my gumline and gets all the food hiding there, helps loosen the buildup. My teeth also stain fairly easily and I consume a few things that stain them pretty good so staying on top of keeping them from looking dingy requires my beloved (Review on this site) Dirty Mouth Tooth Powder and my (Amazon link) Oral B Pro-Health toothbrush.

I use two toothbrushes? Yes, yes I do. In the same brushing? Um, yeah lol. The powerhouse Oral B has these great nubbies on the outside of the bristles that literally leave my teeth squeaky clean. The Plotka brush gets into all my crevices with precision. It’s a win/win to use them both and my teeth agree.

I recently had to graduate to a water pik/ toothbrush combo. Can’t say enough good things about it. Check it out on Amazon here: Water pik + toothbrush combo – MUST HAVE for anyone with dry mouth.



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