NuWave oven – Timesaver

NuWave oven – Timesaver

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NuWave oven – Timesaver

I love my Nuwave oven. Saves me time, makes the food with less fat and never dries out my meat, unless I way over cook it; doesn’t need pre-heat time and it sits on the counter without heating up the room, which for LA summers at 100 degrees, that’s a bonus. It makes dinner and meal prep a lot easier. I love it so much, I have two.

It costs about $120 with free shipping if you’re Amazon Prime. Beware of seller’s selling this for a lot less. I prefer Amazon Prime because it means that Amazon is warehousing the goods and it’s less likely that you’re going to get an empty box. Of course, Amazon will refund you if you do, but what a hassle and disappointment to get taken by a scam seller.  Click here to see it on Amazon:

And if you really want to make it a party, check out this Sony 50 Inch 4K TV on Amazon here: it goes great with this amazing Bose soundbar:

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