Turmeric co2 Oil for pain relief

Plant Therapy brand Turmeric co2 Oil


Turmeric co2 Oil

I just recently received some Turmeric CO2 oil as a gift from a friend. This stuff is INCREDIBLE – GREAT trigger point relief, dulled my TMJ / MPS pain in my jaw and nipped my menstrual cramps almost instantly. I mix it with a carrier oil and use it as a rub. It doesn’t stain.

This is a must have for me now. Had my first day, in almost 6 years, where my pain levels were at a 1 or 2 all day. Good stuff! Since discovering this oil, I have made it up for over 100 people – it’s helped with fibro, muscle pain, headaches, menstrual cramps, stomach ache, TMJ, piriformis, knee replacement, arthritis and even herniated discs.

See my pain oil recipe here: goingbeyondcoping.com/painreliefoil


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