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Below you’ll find products that help me get through the unique challenges I have with my illnesses/disabilities/disorders and a little bit about why I included them. Should you choose to make an Amazon purchase by following one of these links, I will get a “commission” on that sale, thereby generating a little revenue without you paying more than you normally would. I still need to figure out how to make this easier to view, for now you can just scroll through.

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turmeric root

Turmeric Root and Oil

SUPER SPICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Raw or Oil
I drink the juice of this root when my pain levels are high. I do not take any prescription medications, but one of the reasons I take this is for widespread body pain. I don’t know what it is about this anti-inflammatory “golden’ jewel, but if I skip more than one dose, I physically feel the difference!

See warnings and my recipe here:  turmeric root juice recipe:

My local Sprouts charges $12.99/lb for organic turmeric. Many people say they can’t get turmeric root where they live. Here is a link to get it delivered to your house, if you choose.

Turmeric Oil

I just recently received some Turmeric CO2 oil as a gift from a friend. This stuff is INCREDIBLE – GREAT trigger point relief, dulled my TMJ / MPS pain in my jaw and nipped my menstrual cramps almost instantly. I mix it with some olive oil and use it as a rub. This is a must have for me now. Had my first day, in almost 6 years, where my pain levels were at a 1 or 2 all day. Good stuff!

Solgar Liquid Vitamin D 5000IU

This was recommended to me when I was having my massive TMJ flare that lasted 7 months. I’m not big on supplements, capsules and powders don’t agree with me, nor do preservatives or food additives. I was very happy to find this brand had the least added to any of the supplements and it doesn’t taste bad.

My jaw is still a bit crunchy but I do feel an improvement in pain levels and discomfort in general when taking the Vitamin D. I get mine at my local grocery, but when they’re out of stock, I get this one:



Nuwave oven – Timesaver

I love my Nuwave oven. Saves me time, makes the food with less fat and never dries out my meat, unless I way over cook it; doesn’t need pre-heat time and it sits on the counter without heating up the room, which for LA summers at 100 degrees, that’s a bonus. It makes dinner and meal prep a lot easier. I love it so much, I have two.

It costs about $120 with free shipping if you’re Amazon Prime. Beware of seller’s selling this for a lot less. I prefer Amazon Prime because it means that Amazon is warehousing the goods and it’s less likely that you’re going to get an empty box. Of course, Amazon will refund you if you do, but what a hassle and disappointment to get taken by a scam seller.



snack time – bare chips – crunch – sweet

I’m on a modified Auto Immune Paleo diet, which pretty much means anything coming out of a bag is not a possibility. “Harmless” food additives, like Lecithin, Xantham Gum, Citric Acid – they all irritate my delicate system.

I found these BARE chips and they are just that, bare. Just apples or just banana, crunch and delicious. And, for what it’s worth, I tried to make my own and wow, what a time suck that is! I’d rather do something else and just buy the chips.

over indulge – crispy coconut – sweet

I found these Crispy Coconut Rolls at Costco. If you’re going to “blow” your diet on “cookies,” this is a tasty ‘cheat’ item. They didn’t upset my stomach, despite the sesame. And, I do have sugar now and again but if those are no’s for you, look to the Bare above if you really gotta have some sweet crunch.

Ingredients: Coconut Milk, Tapioca Flour, Sugar, Egg, Water, Salt, Sesame

snack time – Terra chips – crunch – salty

These are an incredible thin-crunchy potato chip substitute.

Ingredients: Green plantain, coconut oil, sea salt.

snack time – Barnana chips – crunch – salty

These are an incredible thick-crunchy potato chip substitute.

Ingredients: Plantains, coconut oil, himilayan pink salt.

snack time – Dang chips – crunch – salty

These are crunchy good.

Ingredients: Coconut, sea salt.



kvass jar – probiotic goodness

One other thing that’s helped me on the level of the turmeric root juice, is kvass. An easy, inexpensive, home-made probiotic that eased lifelong stomach issues for me. See this blog post for more info.

This is the kind of jar I make my kvass in. Right now the picture in the ‘ad’ is not working for some reason. It’s hard to find this for a reasonable price on Amazon unless you buy in bulk and I’m leaning toward minimalist. This listing below, however, is an Add on Item (you have to spend at least $25 to make it worthwhile for them to ship it). You can find something just like mine in Target for about the same price.

debbie meyer green boxes

Considering I do meal-prep, these Debbie Meyer green boxes make a lot of sense for me. Whether it’s cooked food or salad, everything stays fresher longer and I have convenient storage to grab-and-go to work. They also sell these at Bed, Bath & Beyond, just check stock before going because they’re not as popular as they used to be. Or, get them here and help support my site 🙂

Note: the 32 pieces consists of 16 containers and 16 lids. You will notice they also have a 16 piece “set” and it’s about $7 more!


the venerable dunkin donuts

Yes, I know I’m not “supposed” to have coffee on AIP but, narcolepsy don’t care – it’s says, it’s either the caffeine or the amphetamine kiddo, you choose – so Dunkin Donuts it is. I grew up in upstate NY, “time to make the donuts” is something I’ve said at least monthly while trying to slog my sleepy booty out of bed. I used to wake my kid’s up with it, “Time to make the donuts!” To which my sleepy kids would reply something akin to, “We don’t know how to make donuts.”

Alas, I discovered Dunkin Donuts at Costco in the hugeamongo bag and I was thrilled. Unfortunately, they only have it there seasonally, so when it’s not there I’m hitting up Amazon. Yes, you can find it at Target and the local grocery, but it’s a lot more expensive, especially if you’re a Prime member.

If you’re a Dunkin lover you know there’s no taste quite like it. With this product on Amazon be sure to take a look at all the sellers, the one that wins the ‘buy box’ is not always the best deal.

Ugg boots for your body!

My hubby got this robe for me… it’s decadent. To be honest, I practically live in it ;). I have a hard time with my body temperature when I first wake up, I’m really hot and even if it’s warm in the room, I’m cold and need my robe. This thing is so soft and comfy. If you have narcolepsy or just spend a lot of time in a robe, you won’t be disappointed with how soft and warm this one is. I got my mom one too.

What the heck are soap nuts?

They’re actually really cool. My youngest son has skin issues and he’s very sensitive to scents, chemicals, etc. I heard about these years before I started using them but now that I have, I’ll never lug another bottle of laundry soap again.

Toss a few in with your wash, reuse and add. I have two boys and they get all our clothes clean. No scent, no chemicals.

Recently we moved into a place that has a front loading washer. The soap nuts were getting caught up in the rubber trap in the door, so I’ve switched to the liquid and it’s the same, if not better. My biggest concern with the liquid was hubby using too much ;).

It’s a 10!

I like to maintain a simple hairstyle. It makes everything easier. I wear it parted to the side and straight. I have very fine hair but I have a lot of it, so if my hair is wet, I can brush out the tangles, shake my head and I’m tangled again. No joke. Many tears and many handfuls of hair later, I discovered It’s A 10! and, it really is. Couple spritzes and I can run my Tangle Teezer through it no problem.

Read more about my Haircare Regimen

If you’re interested in trying It’s a 10! You can get it by clicking on either size to the below.



Large (this is $29.99 at my local Nordstrom’s Rack)

Tangle Teezer

My husband bought me this brush a few years ago. I didn’t think it would make a difference. I was wrong. Combined with the It’s A 10! it’s ten times easier to brush out my hair – wet or dry. Good stuff!


Got this shirt for my son 🙂 Enough said.

Morning heat therapy

A few years ago, when my pain was at an 8/10 upon waking, my loving hubby bought me an electric blanket to use while I sat outside in the morning. It was decadent. I’d turn it on before I made my coffee so it was good and hot, then I’d sink into it, comforting my aches, while the crisp California air helped me wake-up. I spend about an hour every morning like that. It makes a huge difference.

This year hubby upgraded me to a King size :). I wrap myself in it like a cocoon. Fortunately, my pain is a lot less now since changing my diet but I still wake up achy and my heat therapy is a real (quality of) life saver. If you can’t afford a big blanket, you can always try a smaller heating pad. Heat is good.

Cervical Neck Traction

Ok so hubby got me this weird looking thing. I was about 4 months into my terrible TMJ flare and was having trouble with my neck, shoulder and lower back triggers, to the point where it hurt to twist my hips.

I used it for 20 minutes about 3 times and my lower back pain went away. It’s not something I’d use every day but 20 mins once a week seems to be helping and for just over $20, totally worth the money.


Acure is the name of the lotion, unfortunately – I have no actual cure 😉

Hubby and I both have Restless Leg Syndrome, I also have nocturnal myoclonus (aka PLMD). I took Klonopin for it in the 90s, nasty stuff, I’d rather rip my arms off my body than ever take that again.

I’ve always found when I keep my legs shaved and moisturized, it reduces the symptoms. In looking for a lotion that’s a touch more “natural,” I came across this stuff, the reviews were encouraging, so I got it. Not sure if it’s psychosomatic or what, but it does seem to help. My worst time is when we’re laying in bed watching a show or when I’m way outside of my sleep window (I will literally twitch until I feel like I’m breaking down, like a robot coming apart – if I don’t sleep RIGHT THEN lol, so tiring this crazy narcolepsy… get it? I hope you never do to be honest lol) If I remember the lotion before, or right at the beginning of the twitchfest, it will buy me a little more TV time, otherwise it’s lights out cutie pie.

In terms of ingredients, I’ll be honest, I’m too narcoleptic to look them all up 🙂 Zzzzzz. There’s no citric acid and that’s my worst offender. There is an image of the full ingredients on the Amazon listing.

Any who, if you wanna give it a go, you can find it here.

White sage incense

What can you say about incense? It smells good… but, it actually does more than that for me. I get a sense of calm through my house when I burn it. This particular kind isn’t too cloying or pungent. I dig it, you may too 😉

iPhone 5 Long Phone charger

I have an iPhone 5, I got it a few years ago – I was able to score an older model with a TON of storage for a very reasonable price on Amazon. I love it but boy can I kill a battery. In my car too, although that’s because I’m napping with the radio on ;).

Anyway, with this long phone charger I’m able to keep my phone plugged in and my headphones and not worry about unplugging it moving around in the bed. Is it safe to sleep with your phone? Safer than trying to make it through a night with the snoremasters without my headphones…

This is a good one. An Amazon Basics even,

la dee da.

iPhone 5 screen protector

Be it the fog or aches in my hands, I drop my phone fairly often. This screen protector has done the job every time. I replaced it after about a year and a half because it was a bit scuffed up but at that price, it’s worth being able to see clearly again.

Flash fan

I don’t know which of my disorders keeps me from being able to regulate my body temperature but sometimes I’m like that Katy Perry song, “You’re hot then you’re cold.” Especially when I’m cooking. This little fan is perfect for the counter, quiet and gives the perfect amount of air for a small room.
If you’re hot then you’re cold, this may just do the trick…


Exercise the dog without wearing yourself out

We have a bulldog, Bugly. He’s four and quite a handful. Like any dog, if you don’t exercise them, they can get into trouble with either their weight, joints or behavior.

Having so many things wrong with me, I just don’t have the energy to walk him morning and night, so we play ‘get the stick.’ Being a bulldog, it’s hard to get things out of his mouth but this comes out almost every time with a little twist of the wrist.

Granted it gets a little slimy, especially with a bulldog, rather than fetch – Bugly and I play keepaway. I hold it out and he tries to get it and believe it or not he gets all four legs off the ground. It takes about 5 minutes for him to get tired, yeah, I guess he’s a lot like me 😉

indestructible ball

I found this ball the first time in the grocery store. Bugly can destroy a ball so fast, but not this one. Super heavy, great bounce. Perfect for keep away. I’ve bought 6 but mostly because the green fades as he chews it, they often end up in the pool which degrades them and we lose them.

Symphony Pet – Time Saver

I don’t know about dalmations but I could’ve put together enough fur for Cruella Deville in about a week of having a bulldog. I think they “extra” shed somehow. This vac is perfect for saving time. Assuming you have not let the hair accumulate to snow drift status, this guy will get your kitchen hair free and steam cleaned in short order.

It’s also got a depressor – no, it doesn’t make you depressed because you’re cleaning – it’s a little purple plunger that enables you to easily clean the wet hair out of the catcher without having to touch it. Bonus!

LED bulbs – Bioluz LED

The LED bulb you buy could be bad for your health. And, if you’re anything like me, you do not need anything making your health worse. So, how do you choose LED bulbs? I’ve had the pleasure of knowing an LED bulb manufacturer and I learned a lot. You can read more about LED bulbs here: Adapting LED

These are 60 watt equivalent, filament A19 bulbs. I have them in my ceiling fans, a lamp and my back porch. Just one bulb lights up my entire back patio.

These are BR40 bulbs. I have them in my kitchen can lights. I bought 5 and had them in the cans with 1 incandescent and I couldn’t tell which was which, great bulb and my kitchen is no longer Hades when cooking in an LA summer. Bonus!

These are G25 Globe bulbs. I have them in my spare bathroom. They look stunning. Seriously, like a lovely spa vanity mirror.

narcolepsy stuff

Stuff I found relating to narcolepsy.

Wide Awake and Dreaming is a book written by Julie Flygare about her experience with narcolepsy.

Waking Mathilda is a book about parenting a child with narcolepsy by Claire Crisp.

boil and bite mouth guard

I have TMJ really bad. My jaw locks when I open it too far. I clench my jaw so much that I could probably tow a truck with it, my muscles are so tight.

Thanks to the Sjogren’s symptoms my mouth is super dry and I’m starting to wear down my teeth. I picked up a boil and bite mouth guard. It helps and they’re inexpensive enough that you can have more than one because you know you’re losing it at least once ;).

I’ve been having a bad TMJ MPS flare so I got the new style Sleep Right dental guard, no boiling. It’s got a rotating plate. I like it better.

dirty mouth toothpowder

Ok, this stuff is great! I have a review on it here: Dirty Mouth Toothpowder. Started using it in June, 2017. If I’m diligent about brushing 3x a day it keeps my teeth super white, if I get tired and slack off and only go once or twice, it still keeps my teeth cleaner and my gums healthier. Just be sure to rinse good.

You can try the small one to see if you like it but the big one is better if you’re using it regularly.

I’ve tried the Orange flavor (hubby bought it on accident) and it didn’t work as good.

Dr. Terry Wahl’s – Wahl’s Protocol

I was so inspired by this woman’s TedX talk, Minding Your Mitochondria (you can google it if interested), that I ventured from an iceberg lettuce eating carb monster into the uncharted territory of *gasp* romaine and even… kale!  While I ended up on a modified autoimmune paleo, and that’s working for me – yay! I’ll always be grateful to Dr. Wahl’s for sharing her story and continuing to inspire others daily. She has a few books out.

Wahl’s Protocol

Wahl’s Cookbook

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