Save big on T-Mobile if you’re over 55

This is not an affiliate post, I wish it was. I discovered that T-Mobile offers customers over 55 (only the account holder needs to be over 55) a special plan at a huge savings.

If you’re under 55 you’ll pay $120/mo for unlimited talk, text and data. If you’re over 55 AND you ASK for the plan, you get the same 2 lines with unlimited talk, text and data for $70! That’s a $50 savings per month JUST for being over 55. I was so impressed by this because all the other carriers are over 65.

We’re saving even more because we moved from an expensive ATT plan. We walked in, they ported everything over. Gave us a new SIM. We spent $54 on activation and will get our first bill in 30 days. $70/mo on auto-pay, no additional taxes or fees.

Inexpensive cell phone plan

T-Mobile 55+ plan

Here’s a link to the details: T-Mobile 55+ plan. I am sharing this because I’m truly excited about it, that is not an affiliate link and I don’t receive any compensation for you clicking through.

We had also looked at Google Fi but at $25 for the first line, $10 for the second line and $10 per gig of data up to $60, we would have gone way over. We use a lot of data…

Just got this set up so I’ll do an update about the service/coverage down the road. Google Fi actually uses the T-Mobile network, so I would’ve ended up on it anyway.

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Thank you T-Mobile!

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