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After repeating the same advice, and having it help people, I decided to do a series of videos on how I got to my good mental place, in the hopes I’d be able to help more people keep going beyond coping into thriving and loving their life.

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I’m just a person, trying to help other people cope, while continuing to work part time and deal with my health issues. Please see the Support this Site page if you’re interested in helping me keep this going.

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It was too busy to add everything here on this page, so I did a post here: KILLING THE MONKEY IN YOUR MIND



The Modes series identifies three modes people with chronic illness live in on a daily basis and gives you the opportunity to realize how being in a particular mode can help your symptoms or make them worse. It seeks to show you how you can look inside yourself and possibly find new ways of not just coping, but going beyond coping, into thriving.

The Introspection series videos follow a 4 video format of Identifying what we’re talking about, Noticing it in your own life, Affecting Change to the issue and Examples of how I’ve done it in my own life.

Here is a link to a playlist of the Modes Series:



From the Modes series of Videos.

You can print from the screen that opens or download and save.

Track your modes to figure out if you have a pattern or particular times of day, etc. where you have more headspace, less symptoms to maximize your output, or more symptoms to reschedule your life a little. The goal is finding a way to live within what’s available to you.

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