What happens if I don’t wait until I *feel better*?

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What happens if I don’t wait until I feel better to do what?? Anything… well, anything you’re capable of. I’m not suggesting you go sky diving while not managing well but you do an awful lot of stuff when you don’t feel well, don’t you?

You make yourself do the dishes, pick up the kids, go to work, feed your face, shower… so if you can “make” yourself do those kinds of things because you “have” to and be miserable about it, why can’t you do other things when you’re stuck in the suck? Like, have some fun lol, yes, really! Blast the music and sing along, tell a joke, paint your toenails, learn a how-to on something random.

That was the question I asked myself, what happens if I don’t wait until I feel better? At the time I asked myself this question my saliva had turned to salt on Xyrem and I didn’t know if I ever would feel better. I thought, so if this is the most I’m going to be able to eek out of life, if I’m always going to be stuck in the suck, I might as well stop waiting lol.

And, I’m glad I did. I started with small things, just to boost my mood. Eventually I got to the point where my “habits” were so mood boosting that I was more up than down, regardless of my level of suck, so I wanted to share the concept with you so you can put my story through the YOU filter and find your own way to answering the question for yourself.

Many of us feel like we are missing out to the degree that we don’t try to find something in our realm of capabilities that we CAN do. Sometimes we get so used to that, or so distracted by the FOMO we forget to even try to find something else we don’t have to miss out on. We try to shove our life into someone else’s idea of how life should be.

Sleep deprivation really messes with your brain. Whether you have narcolepsy or another chronic condition, you are sleep deprived. Heck, most normies are at some level of deprivation daily, we just take it to the extreme lol. Sometimes you gotta use habits and your “more aware” time to make plans to deal with the “I feel bad” times. Or at least the I feel more than my *usual* bad times.

Have a list of things you wanna accomplish that can be done while you’re in low power mode. It’ll be hard to remember you even wanted to do them as you head into symptoms. You can use the success of accomplishing small things to help motivate you.

I used to push myself to do tons of 💩 for other people. I’d end up feeling 10 times worse. Which generated a lot of resentment. It wasn’t anyone’s fault, except mine. I kept saying yes to please them, instead of taking care of the needs of my faulty meatsuit. Those magical boundaries coming into play yet again. If you don’t take care of your *vehicle* it’s going to break down.

So what are some things you can do without waiting to feel better?

List making 😂😂

Self-care things

Small household tasks

Meal planning

Listen to uplifting things

Develop a hobby you can do half asleep

Go online and try to make other people feel better

Listen to some personal growth things

Challenge yourself to clear you mind

List things that you’re grateful for

Go outside if possible and just listen to the sounds around you

Learn how to self soothe

Sometimes distractions can be so good you can actually forget, even if for just a few moments, that you’re stuck in the suck.

My husband and I will be watching TV and I’ll make a noise or a face in pain and he’ll say, “Do you want to not watch/do this thing because you feel bad?” If I lived by the rule that I can’t even watch a simple TV show when I’m in pain, I’d never be able to watch TV again lol. So, I apply that to as many things as I can. Not just the chores I *force* myself to do but the joy bringing stuff that I can do in *low power mode* too.

So, what happens for me if I don’t wait until I feel better? I find my way to doing things that despite my not feeling better physically, I feel better mentally.

Wanna know what happens to you if you don’t wait to feel better to start living a life you can love despite the suck?

Go find out!

Make it a great day warriors, the choice is always yours!


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