Guest Post: Peter Conley on Sleep Hygiene

Tips & Tricks — Sleep Hygiene

Defining Sleep Hygiene

“Sleep hygiene is a variety of habits & practices that lead to a good night’s rest. Both from a  quality standpoint + alertness during the day.”

Improve Your Sleep Hygiene with 7 Actionable Ways

Sleep in Darkness

Make sure to completely blackout your bedroom for sleeping. So much so that you literally can’t see your hand in front of your face if you’re waving it. Light, specifically artificial light has a very powerful effect on your wakefulness. We evolved to sleep only under the stars, not in front of an alarm clock.

Eliminate Blue Light Consumption

Blue light is the light that is emitted from your electronic devices: laptop, iPad, smart phone, etc. It has an intense effect on your biology. Blue light actually stimulates cortisol production (the stress hormone) and reduces melatonin (the relaxation hormone). You should avoid blue light consumption at least 60-90 minutes before bed. If you’re addicted to your electronics like me try using these UV Blocking Glasses.

Reduce Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol is full of sugar and fragments your sleep. Sure, it can lead to a quicker sleep, but the quality of that sleep is lesser than being sober. I would recommend not consuming more than 2 alcoholic drinks before bed.

“Don’t go to sleep angry”

“Don’t go to sleep angry” is one of my favorite matras. It’s best to enter that bedroom with a clear head. There are plenty of tools to help you get there. Yoga, meditation, tai chi, crossword puzzles — pick your poison. It’s imperative that you lay your head on the pillow in the most relaxed state as possible.

“Get Grounded”

Make sure to have skin contact with mother earth every day. Whether that be walking on the beach or taking your socks off and walking in a grass — it’s important that we balance our ions.

Sexy Time

What’s one of the best ways to go to bed in a restful state and not consume electronics? Sex. It also is one of nature’s best sleeping aids.

Get More Sunlight

Getting more sunlight during the day helps sends your brain and body signals of the proper time to be awake. Natural UV rays helps stimulate cortisol and suppresses melatonin…during the proper time of the day. Getting sunlight helps regulate your sleep schedule as well.

Caffeine Curfew

I try to avoid caffeine entirely — but if it’s still your crutch I would strongly recommend you stop your caffeine consumption prior to 1 pm.

Sleep Hygiene Resources

Below are links to my favorite books on sleep hygiene

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Peter Conley is a blogger and digital marketing from Portland, Oregon. On top of being a yogi and Chipotle addict Peter is constantly on the hunt to find new forms of treatment and lifestyles that help his narcolepsy symptoms.
Learn more about Peter and see his narcolepsy website HERE where he talks about finding employment with narcolepsy, nutrition and narcolepsy and natural narcolepsy treatments.
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