10 week coaching results for Jeannie – video / transcript

Ever wanted to know what empowerment coaching looks like? Jeannie started empowerment coaching 10 weeks before this session was filmed. If you missed the first session where she talks about needing to find a new career at 50+, coping with empty nest and getting rid of her hoarding habit, the link for that is below.

If you can’t see the youtube video box, you can click here: YOUTUBE VIDEO – 10 week follow up session with Jeannie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=InqgteX7Tfs  You can also click on the video and see a transcript if you’d rather read.

CAPTIONS ARE EDITED AND AVAILABLE. Key moments highlighted below. Feel free to skip around and save to your Watch Later if you don’t have time now.

00 Congratulations Jeannie

3:33 Getting Brave

4:33 What do you have to lose?

5:33 Creating your future

6:43 Just a little push

8:15 “We need to talk”

10:30 Stories we tell ourselves

12:22 Helpful quote from Sadghuru

13:15 A to B only affects ME

14:15 The 5 by 5 coping tool

15:15 Hang around a high vibe

16:15 Authenticity defeats insecurity

18:40 You’re not a mind reader

20:00 Don’t waste energy

21:30 Let go of resentment

23:30 Change your mindset

24:15 Reverse to do list

26:05 Trouble with planners

28:00 Pride vs Ego

29:30 Stop defending yourself

31:50 Stopping imaginings

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