Shikai Color Reflect shampoo and conditioner product review

In an effort to try and reduce my exposure to chemicals, yet still protect my beloved blonde locks, I found Shikai Shampoo and Conditioner at my local Sprouts market and I am very happy with them.

Good amount of foaming up with the shampoo, better on the second wash.

If you want to try them, here are the links:

Just discovered Amazon has the shampoo 3 for $20.99 on Amazon prime, so I’ll get it there next time. They’re almost $9 each at the market.

The conditioner rinses clean and my hair is very soft.

Again 3 for $20.99 with the conditioner. Time to stock up lol

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More hair stuff….

My hair is super fine and tangles very easily. When wet, it can be all brushed out, one turn of my head and I have knots again. One of the products I still use when I wash my hair is It’s A 10! That stuff really is miraculous. You can get that here:

And…. this is the best brush I’ve ever used:

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