Healthy food for lazy people… breakfast

Healthy food for lazy people… breakfast. I see a lot of complaints about people diatribing before recipes lol. I don’t wanna be that gal, so I’ll just say… if I don’t meal prep  – I don’t eat the things I’m supposed to (because I’m too tired to do the work = lazy). The headline is cheeky – I don’t really think I’m lazy, or that you are, but I do not want to spend an extra minute doing anything I don’t “have” to because I have very little time to myself/ coherent/ with energy/ etc.

I’m doing this post for the people who say “eating healthy is too expensive” or “I don’t have the time to eat healthy.”

I love fruit and suck at recipes lol. Tons of vitamins and nutrients and it’s moist, which helps with my Sjogren’s. I’m on a modified Auto Immune Protocol/Paleo and have explanations as to why elsewhere…  Meal Prep How and Why (End diatribe lol)

Step One: buy the fruit. This is what I bought: Strawberry, blueberry, peach, pineapple. The melon wasn’t ready to eat so it will sit a few days. Total cost: $9.49. A lot of it was on sale, so the regular price would be $15.46.

healthy fruit breakfast

I am able to tolerate grass fed yogurt, and Siggis changed their recipe so they don’t use “only” grass fed so I had to switch to Organic Valley’s grassmilk yogurt (or I will burp all day lol) Regular $5.49, on sale for $4.99.

So for $14.48 I’m eating breakfast 6 days this week, that’s $2.41 a day.

Pineapple is a pain to cut but I’ve found using my double sink to “skin” it helps with the mess:

How long did it take to finish? Well, I timed it… including lolly gagging and goofing off on Facebook…

Clean up was just dumping the trash and washing my knives/ cutting board.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy. So if you got $20 or less, 20 mins or more you too can have a healthy fruit breakfast FOR SIX DAYS!

If you can’t have fruit, as many can’t, you can find something else to substitute. Whatever you choose in healthy options will pay dividends you can only get from avoiding foods that trigger symptoms 🙂

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