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Going Beyond Coping Pain Relief Oil. Several years ago now a friend sent me a bottle of Turmeric CO2 oil. I had already been using fresh turmeric root to make my PAIN RELIEF JUICE  but was having a massive, 7 month long, TMJ flare and it was her hope that it would help me end it. And, it did.

Like any essential oil, you really need a carrier oil with turmeric, it’s powerful medicine (NOTE: disclaimer: I am not a doctor or dietician and have ZERO training in any of this so, please, do your own research!). Within just a few days of rubbing this oil on my achy jaw line and neck, along with some massages I learned from an Amazing YouTuber (MotivationalDoc), I was able to end my flare.

I ended up making the oil for SIXTY SEVEN people lol. Made me feel so good to share the relief. It doesn’t last forever, living with chronic pain you know that nothing does, but it’s often enough to finish the task, relax a minute, fall asleep, etc. If you use it BEFORE you need it (like if you’re going to be chopping veggies and that always hurts your hands, use the oil first) it works even BETTER.

After that (I can’t pinpoint the timeline right now, too tired lol), I had a massive skin issue and stopped using the turmeric because I had no idea what was causing it, or if it aggravated it. At that point I switched to THC capsules in place of the turmeric co2. It worked a lot better than the turmeric co2 and lasted longer. I know a lot of people do not/will not use THC and a lot of people still don’t have access to this life-changing medicine, so that’s why I included the turmeric info.

Here’s a graphic how I do it with recipe and product links below:

The Shea butter really gives this oil a lotiony consistency and I like that. It’s less messy. So, I use mostly Shea with just a little coconut oil to keep it soft enough to work with. I buy 50 mg THC capsules and use nail cutters to break the ends and squeeze them into the melted carrier oils. Stir, portion into the containers you want to use and refrigerate to harden. After that I can usually take it out and it’s like a cream, although sometimes I put too much coconut oil and it’s a little runny. I suppose if I measured exactly I’d get it right but hey, who’s got time for that?

This oil by the portion, costs between $6-$10 to make, depending on where you source the ingredients. In the dispensary, this oil would cost about $65 (+hefty taxes) just for the smallest size jar in the image.

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Products used (NOTE: these are Amazon links, and although you will not pay more to buy them, I will get a small commission to keep my site going if you do):

Shea Butter & Coconut oil base

Big and Small bottles of Turmeric Co2

To read about the THC extract that I use: ABX Capsules that’s a Leafly link that will also locate a dispensary near you, if you’re in an area that has them 🙂

That’s it!

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Make it a great day, warriors! The choice is ALWAYS yours.

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