Recipe – Meal Prep – Burger and Fries salad

I try to take a few hours on the weekend and get, at the very least, lunches for the week for hubby and I. Work is the WORST place to be without food. I work with these lovely, warm, generous people and they’re always bringing in fresh bread, cheese, bagels, donuts…

I want to keep my lunches interesting, who wants to be bored with their food? So, in addition to packing in the nutrients, I’ve added burgers and fries to this salad.

Meal prep is HARD, I don’t care what anyone says. Using the peeler and a knife, standing on your feet for hours… I always try to take breaks and sometimes I even need a nap in the middle. I get everything I plan to use out on a utility table I have in my kitchen. I cut off what gets cut off and I wash everything in my turkey roasting pan, then set it to dry in my collander or drying rack.

 This is what I used this particular week:

Salad mix – Romaine, Red Swiss Chard, Purple Kale, Parsley, Red Cabbage

I chop up the chard and kale fairly small, mince the parsley, slice the red cabbage and mix it all together in my roasting pan.

Salad toppings – Multi-colored carrot, cucumber and celery – chop ’em how you like ’em.

Those are my Debbie Meyer Green boxes and yes, they do make a huge difference. You can find them here in my store.

Parse everything out the way you want it.

Burger topping –

2 lb grass-fed ground beef

4-6 cloves garlic, minced

1/4 cup parsley

Mix it all together and make tiny little burgers. No, they’re not meatballs and if anyone says they are, you can correct them ;).

Cook the mini-burgers on the Nuwave for 5 minutes. If you don’t have a Nuwave you can use a toaster oven, your oven, boil them or cook them in some bone broth on the stove.

French Fry topping –

Large white sweet potato and large yam.

2 cloves garlic

TB grass-fed butter, sliced thin

Optional: onion powder

Cut potato thin long-ways and then slice into sticks. Sprinkle garlic, place butter, add onion powder.

Cook in the Nuwave 10 minutes. Seriously, if you don’t have one of these by now you should get one ;). Stir and then go 5 more minutes. I got about 4.5 mini-burgers (I ripped them in half) and 1/4 fries per salad. Top with your fave dressing. Hubby uses a balsamic and I use hummus. I know beans are a no-no on AIP but I was able to re-introduce without issue.

Voila! Burger and Fries salad:







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