Recipe – Meal Prep – Steak salad with Caesar dressing

Inspired by a local restaurant, I decided to do a steak salad with roasted veggies and Caesar dressing for lunch for the week for me and hubby.

Meal prep is one of those things that you have to really be committed to. It’s time consuming and, unless you think it’s going to be worth it, it’s easy to slack off and not do it and just grab something for lunch or skip lunch altogether.

Again, I have to thank Dr. Terry Wahls for inspiring me to be more serious about food. Unable to take any meds (pills, powders, capsules – all upset my stomach), in a ridiculous amount of pain (crying literally every morning upon waking), feeling out of options I turned to food. Perhaps that’s why, no matter how much I wanna just quit and go take a nap, I do everything I can to do a weekend meal prep and eat relatively clean during the week. Also, I need moist food because the Sjogren’s keeps my mouth very dry.

I started with my roasted veggies. Multi-colored carrot and sweet potato go in first.

Then slices of butter.

Then put the onion and garlic, make sure to drop some on the butter.

Roast that in the Nuwave for 10 minutes (or in your oven)

Find some faces along the way…

Lemon 1: Did you know that lemon slices can keep flies away while you cook?

Lemon 2: Oooooh, I did not know that..

I love the way the onions get brown and crunchy

Stir in chopped asparagus and go another 8 minutes

Veggies are done.

I made about a pound and a half of grass-fed flank steak, 7-9 mins in the Nuwave. When it comes out, let it rest.

Until then, make the salad mix. I used romaine, red swiss chard, parsley, celery and red cabbage.


Put a giant handful in each of the Debbie Meyer green boxes. I love these things, having a fresh salad on Thursday that you made on Sunday is really terrific.

A scoop of the veggies to the side to be mixed in if you wish, or eaten separately if you don’t. Get those nutrients people!

Portion out the steak and you are done!

A note about salad dressing:

I have such trouble with salad dressing. Every single dressing has Xantham gum and while some people might not have a problem with that because it’s “organic” my body doesn’t always like it, so I’ll be sure to have some kvass every morning, it helps with the persistent gas issues I have from food.

I chose Annie’s Organic Caesar because it doesn’t have citric acid. Another killer for me. If I eat citric acid, I ache and burp all day. Please manufacturers, find another way.

Here are the ingredients, some trade-offs had to be made:

Water, *Expeller Pressed Vegetable Oil (*Canola And/Or *Sunflower), *Apple Cider Vinegar, *Parmesan Cheese (*Milk, Culture, Salt, Enzymes), *Lemon Juice Concentrate, *Garlic, Natural Flavor (Contains Anchovy), Sea Salt, *Black Pepper, Xanthan Gum. *Organic Ingredients



And that’s it. Amazing lunch for me and hubby at a fraction of the $147.50 it would have cost to buy a similar salad out and it’s good for you!

You can find Debbie Meyer green boxes and the Nuwave oven in my Amazon store, link in top menu :).

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